The final activity in the VITAL Signs reflection is to establish our values. This can be quite challenging, which is why we have completed all the other activities 1st as they will help us with this one. So far we have done these reflections: ‘I am’ where we wrote 8 words that positively describe our … Continue reading Values

Day 10

Day 10! Well done, you made it. These 10 days have woven breath work, reflection, exercise, moving meditation, mindfulness and self-care throughout our days, to give us a healthy start to the festive season. These wellness activities are simple yet effective ways of building on our sense of self, creating a calm state of mind … Continue reading Day 10


As part of the reflective piece we have been completing over the last 9 days, the penultimate part of the activity is to look at our temperament. Our temperament is described as our biological-based behaviours, so are generally independent of learning, attitude and values. There are a number of different assessment types that are used … Continue reading Temperament

Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of the 10 Days of Wellness. I hope you are finding time to participate in the tasks and that they are allowing you to feel rested and rejuvenated. Today we are going to complete the activity on temperament and tomorrow we will complete the full VITAL Signs reflection piece. Your 3 … Continue reading Day 9

Day 8

Day 8. I hope you have been able to find some time for rest, relaxation, replenishment and reflection from these daily activities. I invite you to do the following activities today. 1 – Strengths. Read the previous post about VITAL Signs for more info. Today we will finish up our strengths activity. We have done … Continue reading Day 8


Over the last 7 days we have completed a number of reflection activities which contribute to an overall activity called VITAL Signs. I completed this activity about 18 months ago during a transformative time of my life when I was feeling like I needed a better understanding of who I was. In our lifetime we … Continue reading VITAL Signs

Day 7

It is day 7 of the 10 Days of Wellness programme and today we have 3 tasks to complete. 1 – take a 45 minute walk outdoors today. You’ll notice we have gradually increased our time outside this last week and this is our longest walk so far. Being outdoors in the fresh air is … Continue reading Day 7

Day 6

Turning the corner onto the home straight, just a few more days to go of the 10 Days of Wellness programme. I hope you’ve been enjoying finding a little time for yourself this last few days. The aim is that by making an effort to care for ourselves at the start of the festive period … Continue reading Day 6

Day 5

We are half way into our 10 Days of Wellness programme. How are you feeling? Have you committed to all the activities or are you dipping in and out? It’s ok if you’ve only done a few tasks, and if you haven’t started yet but want to get involved just head back to my Day … Continue reading Day 5

Day 4

It is Day 4! We are nearly halfway through. Today we are doing 3 simple exercises. Breath.Perform the mindful breathing activity again. Sitting with one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach, this time take 15 conscious breaths. Observing how they feel, allow yourself to relax more with every exhale. Reflection.On day … Continue reading Day 4