10Km Race PB!! 🏅

I slept heaps on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday I felt particularly bad but on Thursday I managed to get out the house and walk to the chemist to buy some Night Nurse.  On Friday I woke up feeling a lot better but didn’t feel up for exercising much so I didn’t until the afternoon … Continue reading 10Km Race PB!! 🏅

Nailing it

I’m having such a great month! Totally nailing my fitness plans, my Uni work, my diet is great and I feel fab. I’m not even joking. Since the last blog my exercise has been as follows: 7th: 75 minute Bikram which was super hot and I loved every minute. 8th: Legs and cardio home workout … Continue reading Nailing it

4, 5 & 6

On Saturday and Sunday we walked my Dad’s dogs, getting some fresh air and stretching the legs a bit. The leg aches from the home workout didn’t really subside until Sunday so that was a good 3 days of muscle soreness!  At least I can try to plan next week’s exercise better so that the … Continue reading 4, 5 & 6

2 & 3

It’s been a lovely start to the year so far.  I’ve been off work so have allowed myself to focus on exercising and relaxing in equal measure, and have done a bit of houseclearing  which is always a good thing.  My boyfriend Giles is keen to work out more this year so I made us … Continue reading 2 & 3


Happy New Year! It felt good to wake up without a significant hangover this morning. A good start to the year and how I plan to continue for the foreseeable. Yesterday I went for a run before the festivities started, and completed 4 miles (6.44Km) in 39:44. It felt alright but when I looked it … Continue reading 1/365