I picked Giles up from the airport tonight. He landed later than scheduled and we didn’t get home till 8. The only remaining yoga class of the day was at 21:15 which is pretty late, but I felt I would be cheating myself if I didn’t go, now that I have a written plan for … Continue reading Yoga


I made it to the gym this morning! It’s been so long since I went that they have refurbished! Haha.  I quite like the gym I go to, nothing too swanky as it’s a local leisure centre (think Brittas Empire), but it’s big and functional and close to home. When I went there this morning … Continue reading Monday 


This week I want to get back into running. My plan is still to complete a race every month this year and I have been following a half marathon training plan, but need to be more consistent with it. My yoga practice has been a bit more regular than my running but I want to aim for 4 … Continue reading Plan


The start of February has been a challenge. I feel I have barely been at home as work has taken me all over the place and the lack of planned routine with my exercise has meant that I have avoided it on the days I have actually had time. This definitely wasn’t my plan for 2017. I … Continue reading Meh


I know this makes me a loser, but I have bought a medal rack!  As the intention is to run a medal-winning race each month I just though it would be an awesome way to keep my achievements in plain sight.  I should receive my Run Every Day medal from Mind soon which takes my … Continue reading Medals 

February so far

This last week has been hectic with work. The trip to Rome and then I’ve had a couple of full days and evening since I got back. My last day at yoga was Sunday before I left for Rome, so 6 days ago now, and my last run on 31st Jan, 4 days ago.  Once … Continue reading February so far

Reflection on January

I acheived a fair amount in January. I ran 100Km, completed my 1st medal-winning race of the year, and finished a 30-day hot yoga challenge.  Why? Well, January is always a good point to reflect on the last year and to set intentions. I don’t like the often transient nature of New Years Resolutions but … Continue reading Reflection on January

I did it

Yesterday, despite the hangover, I ran 2Km completing the Run Every  Day challenge for Mind. This January I have completed 100Km running every single day whilst simultaneously completing a 30-day hot yoga challenge.  More posts to follow later! Continue reading I did it