Day 31

This is the last day of the January Run Every Day challenge and I need to run 2Km today to make it 100Km that I have run this month.  I’m in Rome on a work congress and there is a packed schedule for meetings, training, networking, dinners etc. So waking up this morning after a … Continue reading Day 31

When in Rome….

Run. I ran 2Km when I got to the hotel despite the overwhelming need to sleep. I was so tired but this challenge has really got me to prioritise exercise even when I don’t want to. So, despite feeling like getting straight into bed I ran and I really did feel better for it.  This … Continue reading When in Rome….


I slept terribly. Getting into bed at 1am knowing I had to be at yoga at 08:30 wasn’t good. Add to that the nocturnal communication efforts of Clifford (my ginger feline bestie who woke me 3 times) and it’s fair to say I had one of the worst nights sleep I’ve had so far in … Continue reading Sunday 


On Saturday we were attending a friends wedding in Somerset. The plan was to run and do my penultimate yoga class early doors on Saturday. On Sunday I would need to go to yoga before flying to Rome. Due to these factors it meant I would be driving back from the wedding late on Saturday … Continue reading Saturday 

Day 27 completed

I did the intermediate class in my lunch break and ran to class in the evening. 1.62Km.  I’m finding that as my yoga gets stronger my runs are suffering. My pace is at an all time low, but with just a few days to go of this challenge I have truly made my peace with … Continue reading Day 27 completed

Intermediate Class

I loved it.  I mean it was hard, but I felt really strong for most of it, and got a fair few compliments from the teacher for some of my postures. My half moon and standing bow feel really good and despite a few of the new postures being a bit outside my capability I … Continue reading Intermediate Class

Day 27

After the success of last nights yoga class I booked myself in to the intermediate hot Bikram yoga class at lunch today.  The last time I tried an intermediate class was at the yoga retreat in the summer and I did not cope well. Physically it was too challenging and as soon as I couldn’t … Continue reading Day 27

More yoga & a run

Last night, having flown back from Ireland and getting my run done I went to yoga. It was a late class starting at 21:15.  So far this month I’ve mainly found the yoga classes to be fairly intensive and quite variable with my level of flexibility and strength. However last nights class was something completely … Continue reading More yoga & a run


Being away from Monday to Wednesday has really put the pressure on. I like travelling with my job, it’s interesting to meet new people and go to different places but it does make routine challenging. I needed to leave for the airport at around 14:30 on Monday and I would need to make it to … Continue reading Travels