Since Serbia

On return from Serbia I walked back into the height of British summer. What a joy! London is always so much happier in the summer. FYI Autumn is my favourite season because I prefer to not sweat so ferociously in public! Since I got back I have also had some further improvements in my yoga … Continue reading Since Serbia

The Yoga Retreat

Throughout the retreat the yoga and meditation were amazing. Marija is an amazing Yin teacher which is why I booked this particular trip. In previous years the retreats I’ve chosen have been mainly Bikram based, which were perfect at that time in my life. Over the last year or so I’ve been exploring Yin and … Continue reading The Yoga Retreat


I went to a Bikram yoga class last night for the first time since before the yoga retreat and had a significant breakthrough. I’m planning to write about the yoga retreat when I get a little time and also about my plan for exercise beyond the 66-day challenge, but so just want to share what … Continue reading Breakthrough

Day 66/66

I did it! For 66 days in a row I tried to build a routine of daily exercise and I succeeded!  In this time I’ve done 89 rounds of sun salutations, 41 yoga classes and 15 runs totalling 87.14Km; managing to exercise on all but 4 days. Does it feel like a routine now? Kind … Continue reading Day 66/66