Day 65/66

Monday marked the start of my yoga retreat in Serbia. I shared an Uber to the airport with one of the ladies I know from my yoga studio, called Mary, and we got there without problem. The first leg of our flight would take us to Zurich where we would have a 40 minute turn … Continue reading Day 65/66

Day 64/66

On Sunday I completed my 30-day hot yoga challenge. I travelled back from Kent to get to the 5pm wheel conditioning class. Most wheel classes to date have been very relaxing, but this one was a mix of flow and then some backbend work. The flow part was quite the challenge, I struggled with balancing … Continue reading Day 64/66

Day 63/66

Another double on Saturday but this time it was a hot pilates class followed by wheel conditioning. The hot Pilates was upbeat and such fun. Thankfully I found it much easier than last time. On Monday I did the same class and had aching tummy muscles all week as a result. The discomfort had only … Continue reading Day 63/66

Day 62/66

I made it to two yoga classes yesterday, at the end of my working day.  It been a long time since I did back to back classes, and it was pretty tough! The first class was warm vinyassa flow, and I found it really enjoyable. The last time I did this teachers flow class it … Continue reading Day 62/66

Day 61/66

Today I ran. I mentioned to Giles I should go at some point and he said he’d come along with me, which really helped me to just go without the mental uncertainty I normally have to overcome. We did 5Km in 29:30. It was surprisingly easy so hopefully, despite the recent lull, I don’t have … Continue reading Day 61/66

Day 60/66

Look at that….I got to day 60!  I had a long day yesterday travelling up to Birmingham first thing and got back home after 9pm, so there wasn’t really time for anything much.  I did 2 rounds of sun salutations when I got home just to loosen myself out a bit, and so it wasn’t … Continue reading Day 60/66

Day 59/66

Yesterday I started the day by walking to the gym and doing a back and arm weights workout. This was only made possible by having a good nights sleep and heading to bed before 11pm on Monday night.  I contemplated running at the gym too but I had to dial in to a conference call … Continue reading Day 59/66

Day 58/66

I did it.  I got up at 05:45 and went to the 06:30 Hot Inferno Pilates class on Monday morning. It was a lot of fun but pretty tough too. The class itself involved a lot of lunges, squats, crunches, triceps dips and the like. Hot, great music, sweat, laughing. You get the idea. It … Continue reading Day 58/66

Day 57/66

The end of last week I promised myself that I would do a run at some point over the weekend. It wasn’t on Saturday. On Sunday I was due to meet a friend to go to hot vinyasa at 10am but I slept in and ended up going to Yin at midday instead. All plans … Continue reading Day 57/66

Day 56/66

On Saturday I went to wheel therapy and Yin classes to focus on my back as planned. They were both glorious.  I’ve clearly got a lot of work to do with my backbends as I have some serious tightness in my mid to upper spine. But, with each wheel class it opens up more. Yin … Continue reading Day 56/66