Happy 💜

I gave myself a kick up the butt and went to the gym last night. I forgot my water so could have turned back, but I didn’t; I got onto the treadmill and started walking. I made a decision to run 5Km at 10Km/h so I’d complete it in 30 minutes and I did exactly … Continue reading Happy 💜

Monday & Tuesday

On Monday I didn’t exercise at all. I planned to get up and take another run along the rivers edge before meeting my colleague at 9, but I was so tired. The 10Km on Saturday and the 5Km on Sunday was probably a good reason, so after I snoozed my alarm at least 100 times, I eventually accepted I … Continue reading Monday & Tuesday


I travelled to Ireland this afternoon. I got to Heathrow early enough that they offered for me to go on the earlier flight, which I took. The guy said that the flight I was due to take was still in Dublin and was going to be delayed so it would be worth it. I’m glad … Continue reading Sunday 

This week is bullshit

Late into Wolverhampton on Monday night. 60 minute hotel room yoga. AWFUL nights sleep. Annoying Tuesday that didn’t go as planned. Train to Exeter, straight into bed at 18:30 as I was so knackered, no exercise, rubbish room service, couldn’t get to sleep, another crappy night.  Difficult working day today, meant to start a case … Continue reading This week is bullshit


Even though I arrived into Wolverhampton late, finally getting to my room at 21:30 I decided to get a 60 minute yoga done. I realised it would be unlikely that I could get to the gym in the morning so if I didn’t do something it would be Tuesday night before I would get the … Continue reading Eurgh