Rest days +++

So I have been taking some rest days, lots of them.  On the Monday after the 10km race I did a 30 minute bike session in the gym. I really like doing a bike session the morning after a race as it loosens up my muscles and works out any residual soreness. I took Tuesday … Continue reading Rest days +++

The weekend

This week I’ve had some fun nights out. My happy life project is so much more than just exercising, and so I booked for me and Giles to see Kitty, Daisy and Lewis on Tuesday night which was superb. We first saw them play at Bestival about 5 years ago and it was great to … Continue reading The weekend

Yoga yoga yoga

I had a wonderful weekend in Holland. Giles and I travelled out early on Saturday morning, just making our flight by the skin our teeth! The weather was glorious and we had 3 long days hanging out with my brother and future sister-in-law; which was the entire aim of the visit.  I packed my running … Continue reading Yoga yoga yoga