I turned 37 on Sunday. It feels weird. I probabaly have a lot to say about how it makes me feel but perhaps not right now.  I had a great weekend. On Saturday I went to a friend’s fabulous hen party in Bath. Saw my bro and his fiancĂ© on Sunday at my Mum’s, and … Continue reading 37


The other day I drove past a funeral procession and thought to myself that it was probably one of the saddest days that family would have to endure.  The same day I found myself getting irritated by someone driving slowly in front of me, and caught myself in the act.  I thought to myself that … Continue reading Kindness

Travel and exercise

This week looks as follows: Monday: work from home in the morning, travel to Manchester in the afternoon. Tuesday: in Manchester all day, travel home to London in the evening. Wednesday: work from home in the morning, fly to Dublin in the afternoon. Thursday: in Dublin all day, travel home in the evening.  Friday: Admin … Continue reading Travel and exercise


Today Steve and I ran our 1st half marathon of the year. It was our longest run of the year to date, and it was a brutal yet beautiful trail run around Bewl Water. After going out to see John Mayer last night I didn’t get into bed till midnight or so, and had to … Continue reading Half-Marathon

Professional Services

Today I felt less irritable after the crushing bullshit of yesterday. Work was good. I decided to go to the gym over lunch and did a simple treadmill workout over 40 mins. A 10 minute hill walk, 10 minute gentle run, 10 minute brutal intervals finished with a 10 minute walk. Tomorrow is the Bewl … Continue reading Professional Services

Another brick wall

My plans for this week mainly revolved around trying to get some work and life admin sorted. To this extent I have made some achievements, such as finally sending in the paperwork to get my parking permit and getting my new phone up and running. I’ve been carrying around the forms for blood tests and … Continue reading Another brick wall

10 mile success

10 miles in 1:49:28 That’s 5 minutes faster than the last 10 mile run – which means we ran each mile 30 seconds faster than last time! I’m so happy about this. The run wasn’t as hilly as last time and the weather was perfect – cool and dry. I actually, for the most part, … Continue reading 10 mile success

This week and next week

On Monday I did a 5Km run and a 90 minute yoga session. Tuesday was the horrendous interval training. On Thursday I did a 30minute LISS bike ride. On Saturday, I did a 90 Minute yoga class.  I found yoga quite challenging yesterday; probably due to not going since Monday. Maybe I need to give … Continue reading This week and next week