Bank Holiday Monday

Today was super hot weather …. I am really so ready for Autumn. I don’t enjoy the heat unless I am by a pool or the sea and it’s just been so stifling today!! I woke up in a sweaty mess this morning and after visiting my friends cat to feed him while she is … Continue reading Bank Holiday Monday

Highs and Lows

Interestingly the XT session on Thursday morning seemed to break the cycle of me feeling exhausted all the time and I was actually very alert throughout the day.  In yoga they say that it is the posture you dislike the most or completely avoid, that is the one you need the most. If I was … Continue reading Highs and Lows

7 of 11.3

I was due to run 7 miles on Wednesday (11.3Km), and I was also going to go to hot flow yoga.  I felt shattered when I woke up, maybe the last few days of activity was taking its toll. My legs were tired and I just felt exhausted all day.  On the plus side I … Continue reading 7 of 11.3


At yesterday’s yoga class I saw one of my friends and we decided to go to yoga together this morning too. It was a challenging 90 minute class and another reminder of how I need to do more exercise in the mornings so that I don’t feel like such a lump of concrete. I text … Continue reading Tuesday 


I went to the gym at lunch today for interval training. My last few runs have been excellent, and so there was a bit of me that was anxious that I’d struggle. I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 mins at 9.5Km/h, 5 mins at 10Km/h, then did 5 sets of intervals, these were … Continue reading Intervals