Day 3/66

I did 2 rounds of sun salutations this morning which set me up nicely for the busy day I had doing various admin and appointments before heading to France for the rest of the week. My flight was postponed by 3 hours which I knew about in advance but then was delayed another 30 minutes … Continue reading Day 3/66

Day 2/66

Yesterday I forgot to update you on my 66 day challenge. I had a good day. At the gym I did a leg and glute workout followed by 30 minutes of hill walking on the treadmill. My motivation to get to the gym, having worn my gym kit all day, was that I was feeling … Continue reading Day 2/66

Day 1/66

I’m doing a project to try change my mindset. Everyday for 66 days I will do some sun salutations and either a run, a yoga class or mediation to get into the habit of doing something physical or self caring everyday. Apparently it takes 66 days to form a habit.  So today, day 1, I … Continue reading Day 1/66

Spring forwards

I’ve really been winning at life recently, regularly running and practicing yoga consistently. I’m generally being an all round overachiever; a motivated superhero if you will. Do you think that could work as a mantra? Because the reality is that I have been the complete opposite. My mind-set NEEDS to change…. something has to change. It’s mid-April and … Continue reading Spring forwards