The week ahead

Monday was cross training pre-work; 30 mins on the static bike, and 75 minute yoga in the evening; which was a great class despite the stiffness from the long Sunday run. Exercise has seemed to be the best fixer for the aching and yoga was just amazing; to be able to stretch and soften the … Continue reading The week ahead


I slept in compression running socks last night as my legs were so achy from the 10 mile run yesterday. I woke several times in the night as my legs were fidgety.  At about 05:30 I had a visit from Clifford (the cat) who came and sat on my chest for 15 minutes. I considered … Continue reading Recovery


Just as a reminder, the plan for this year was to run a medal winning race every month. A few days ago, before the 10mile run today, Steve and I read the small print and found out there wasn’t a finishers medal. So, we had our own one made and engraved!! πŸ˜‚ Continue reading Medals

Post-Goa Intentions

Over my time in glorious Goa I completed: 18 yoga classes totalling 21.5 hours 6 meditation sessions including silent sitting and yoga nidra. A soul reading I made some new incredible friends and decided to reflect on my 2017 intentions and make some new ones in line with the progress I have made this year … Continue reading Post-Goa Intentions