Day 38/66

Day two of intermittent fasting and today I managed to get my exercise back on track. I started the day with 5 rounds of sun salutations prior to breaking my 16 hour fast. In the evening I went to Bikram yoga, and I think it was one of the first 90 minute classes I have … Continue reading Day 38/66

Day 37/66

Over drinks and discussions on Sunday I learnt a bit about Intermittent Fasting, an eating pattern where you eat for 8 hours a day and fast for 16. My brother, mum and step-dad have been eating like this and have had good results. Reading about it I have learned that Intermittent Fasting (IF) results in … Continue reading Day 37/66

Day 36/66

The bachelorette continued on Sunday with brunch and mimosas! Then a late lunch with my mum, step dad and brother. More booze involved. I didn’t exercise all day, forgot to do any sun salutations and so this was my 2nd complete rest day in the last 36 days. Not exactly the plan, but certainly not … Continue reading Day 36/66

Day 35/66

On Friday night my ‘no drinking in the week’ went out the window somewhat! In fact on Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday there were quite a few drinks had, but I was having a great time with family so it was definitely worth it. The bachelorette party was so great, heaps of fun, … Continue reading Day 35/66

Day 34/66

On Friday afternoon I travelled to Holland to visit my brother and to attend my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party.  When I woke up, before I started work, I went for a walk on the common near my house. Now the weather is good I am really enjoying this type of LISS. I walked briskly for … Continue reading Day 34/66

Day 33/66

Half way point!!  This 66 day challenge was about trying to get myself into a routine of making time for a little self-care everyday. A run, a yoga class, some cross training or sun salutations. On day 33 I got up at 6am and went for a run at 06:30 on the treadmill at the … Continue reading Day 33/66

Day 32/66

Normally my colleague and I will have a pre-dinner cocktail, share a bottle of wine over dinner and maybe have a digestif too. That’s a lot of unnecessary calories, but also means that I won’t feel like getting up to exercise in the morning.  On Wednesday I woke up feeling fresh from having not had … Continue reading Day 32/66

Day 31/66

I travelled to Manchester on Tuesday for work. It was exactly one year after the terrorist bombing at the Ariande Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. There was a minutes silence just after lunch and my colleague and I stood outside the hotel with all the hotel staff and many of the patrons. People stood … Continue reading Day 31/66

Day 30/66

My 38th birthday was on Monday. The entirety of my exercise was two rounds of sun salutations.  I had hoped to have dropped a bit of weight by my birthday, but despite a good few weeks of watching my food and exercising I haven’t seen any change that is tangible. That said I am well … Continue reading Day 30/66

Day 29/66

It was my birthday on Monday, so on Sunday we were heading to my Mum’s for a birthday lunch.  So far I had done 3 runs and 2 yoga classes, so really wanted to get to yoga for the hat-trick.  So, I went to the 08:30 class and it was tough but I enjoyed it … Continue reading Day 29/66