No plans and a 10Km

I didn’t make a plan. So, it’s no surprise I have not worked out consistently or with purpose. Last weekend I was due to run 7Km but after that horrendous attempt to run 6Km I just couldn’t find motivation to go. Instead I did no exercise all weekend. This is my M.O. When I feel … Continue reading No plans and a 10Km

Back to routine

One of the hardest things for me during IVF was not being able to exercise so much. I was advised not to do hot yoga as the intensity and heat is not recommended, but I was also too knackered to run. I stuck to walking which I did enjoy, but it just isn’t the sort … Continue reading Back to routine

Official Test Day

Needless to say I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night. I got a pregnancy test ready to use in the morning. OK, I had 2 ready just in case.  After a fitful night of intermittent snoozing I was wide awake at 5am. Both cats were asleep on me, surely a good sign. Cats have a … Continue reading Official Test Day

Just keep waiting….

Overnight our one little egg fertilised. The embryologist called and she sounded joyous. I think there had been some reservation as to whether this one little immature egg would fertilise at all, so her happiness that it had was palpable. Overnight the egg had matured enough to fertilise and one little sperm won the race!  … Continue reading Just keep waiting….